Northern, CA     & Everywhere.

the story of your love is unique and nuanced. I want to bring those details into focus.   



My introduction to photography came somewhat unexpectedly during my years  traveling the world as a drummer, telling my stories through music. Traveling   had inspired a desire to document and share my experiences and it wasn’t long before bandmates and friends were asking me to photograph their weddings. Thus my solo act as a photographer had begun. 

When it comes to your day, I understand the value of connecting with you to find out what is really important so everything I shoot captures your intimacy as authentically as possible. The sense of adventure that traveling instilled in me is still one of the things I love most about being a photographer. Being outdoors and seeking out new landscapes is where stories come to life.

My discoveries have only grown alongside my desire to share them, especially with those unafraid of their dress wearing a little dirt or a gust of wind stirring their hair as they handle the unexpected with a hearty laugh. As in life, the best details are always imperfect and a bit unpredictable.




You have gone to great lengths investing in this day. My goal is to give you equally epic photographs. 

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